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byjazzmang, April 18, 2014
RSform Pro
We manage multiple sites and wanted something that allowed better multi-site licensing management of forms than what we had.

We tried a few others, but this ability to backup and restore allows us to create a basic form and instantly install/setup for each site within minutes. That alone is a huge time saver.

When I had questions, I quickly found the answers by searching the documentation or the forum (without having to login - thank you).

I will be transitioning most of our sites over to this and already done several without issue. I doubt users will even noticed anything changed.

I do wish we could use the system-wide ReCAPTCHA or SecureImage plugins vs. it own plugins but that is pretty minor. That would just allow for a more consistent user experience and management.

One feature I would to see eventually is in the GUI layout control. It would be nice to mix in two column without going to the manual customization.
byjazzmang, September 30, 2013
Smart Slider 2
This is one of easiest to use and configure to use for just basic users that only manage content.

It has a lots of various slider configurations and individual slide layout of options. It works well with the responsive and mobile designs I worked with so far too.

Support wise, they are on the ball. I found a bug due to a conflict with another extension. Within 2 e-mails, I had a fix.

I like that they give you an option for a lifetime purchase for both Joomla and WordPress and with unlimited domains.
Other extensions typically just change the URL, which is fine but not enough for me.

I like bfstop for my sites where I didn't want to change URL because re-training users wasn't worth the pain.

The ability to tune the notification frequency and when an IP is blocked is great.

I like that he warns you also if you have your super admin set to "admin" and the newer additions of the administration component to view which IPs are block and the usernames they tried.

For straight up brute force protection, this is best extension out there.
JG SlideShows Pack
Very affordable but solid. Great license for multiple sites & developers.

Easy to setup, and pretty configurable via the web administration.

I found lacking the inability to adjust the time/speed of the slides. I had to crack open a PHP file to adjust that. The default 2.5 seconds was just too short. 3 to 3.5 is more ideal I think.

It wouldn't hurt to add WYSIWYG editor capability to the individual slide text boxes. I can hand code HTML into it, but that isn't great for my clients that don't know HTML code.

Lastly, I think adding the ability to more easily customize the CSS/look & feel of the slide shows colors via the web administration should be the next major feature added. That's pretty common among the other major sliders out there.

Documentation was mostly video but it is so simple that text might be overkill but still would be nice.

The developer directs you to the forum for support. However it doesn't look like he is answering questions. Long term that will be an issue and always puts doubt on the longevity of a project's viability.

Otherwise, a very good start.