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byjbarron, September 18, 2008
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VirtueMart is loaded with features, for a worldwide audience. This can be a challenge to wade through the features and get it running the way you want because everyone has their own expectations. But the price is right!

The VirtueMart Forum is a better place to ask for help than here, and I've found a lot of help by post questions directly in Google.

In response to a couple of previous posts I offer the following...

1) "Can't have products with no shipping, Really? by domdeez, September 2, 2008"

Actually you can do this. You'll have to create a Shipping Rate List, starting with 0 (zero) weight at $0.00. So for that I would put "Highest Weight 0.010, Lowest Weight 0.00. Then put 0 (zero) weight for your product.

2) "Not compatible with Community Builder by paul.shane, August 17, 2008"

Did you try the VirtueMart plugin for Community Builder?