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byjbcwebservices, October 28, 2011
JomLand Ticket Center
I bought this hoping it would solve a problem selling tickets, but it just created problems.

There is almost no formatting in the views.

The cart is buggy, the first version didn't even work. It's supposed to work with paypal standard and pro. I eventually got pro working, but standard has no payment verification.

It's full of misspellings.

It's supposed to send tickets via email but that doesn't work.

The credit card form that takes the address, provides state and country options based on the database listing of state and country options for venues. So you have to had enter every US state into the database for them to all show up in the address portion of the credit card form.

There is a foundation for a decent component to fill a simple niche, but this effort doesn't even register as alpha yet. I feel totally ripped off after spending $40 for a component that doesn't work.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that it's your impression about the component.
If you just try to access our support, you would get quickly replay like the package problem you faced and that have been fixed quickly.

You still welcome to contact us and we would do our best to help.

byjbcwebservices, January 4, 2010
I use this component whenever developing for Joomla!. If your not using this component to develop with Joomla!, you don't know what your missing.

Get a deep understanding of the Joomla! MVC by getting easy to read dumps of variables, arrays and even dump objects with all their methods and members. Even call it from within the MVC framework to see how Joomla! is interpreting your calls to it's members.

Can't rate this component high enough.