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byjbeiter2, August 11, 2009
The initial install went pretty smoothly and despite some other reviews, I found it fairly easy to set up. Kind of rigid in ability to configure/customize though.

When I moved the site to production, the application broke horribly (using absolute path rather than relative from joomla root?)

Then, when I went to remove it, it left a boatload of crap in the database, making it impossible to re-install.

Promising, but sloppy design in its current state. They have forums but no direct support to be found and the developers do not seem to participate in the forums... so no real support unless you're ready to fork over some cash.

So I rated it "average"... typical joomla app that is flaky with no support.
Owner's reply

Note that there is a wiki page documenting how to move a site:

Someone from the joomla civicrm community was nice enough to respond to your support questions:,9234.html

Not sure what your expectations are for free support?


byjbeiter2, February 24, 2009
I had been happy with previous versions of JEvents but went to install it on Joomla 1.5.9 and the latest production version failed horribly. It can't even be configured without spewing errors.

Posts to the support forum (me and another chap having the same errors) go unanswered.

Tried the new 1.5 version and it is broken too.

I wasted far too much time trying to get this working.
byjbeiter2, November 25, 2008
This was working great until Adobe 10 came out. Now for some reason, users with Adobe 10 are hearing really bad/garbled audio on this one site I am running on

Tried contacting the developer three times.. no response. Looking for another solution.

Rating it "average" as far as Joomla extensions go.. great on price, flaky in consistency, bad on support.