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byjbourque, August 28, 2012
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Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition
I have never written a review for anyone however after submitting a response to the developer and having him close my ticket without a response back to me I feel that I must express my opinion to others.

There are so many bugs in the LMS many features don't work such as saving pages, viewing categories, editing users etc.

I would expect a way that if you are selling courses online that it would have the ability to add a user to a test from the HR panel if a user pays offline. There is a tab that says add user to system but it doesn't do anything. I would think that having the ability to add users to a test would be a critical piece. I had to find a way around this problem.

The program has so much potential to be a great LMS system but we have spent so much time trying to fix bugs in the app to even get the site to go live, but there are still so many pending problems I have to fix in order to make it successful on the site.

I have paid an additional $900 to this developer to do some custom work for the amount that we paid for the app I feel that app and support that I received was no where near the amount that we paid you for additional development and support. There was not $900 worth of changes done to the app to make it user friendly both my team and I have spent countless hours rewriting and fixing bugs just to make it work for my client. The developer would only communicate via email or tickets even though he is in the next state over and after he made changes and removed functionality I needed he requested me to resubmit so that he could charge me even more money.

I would expect that since the company that developed the app is a sponsor of Joomla conferences that his company would be committed to providing the best possible software and support for the products they list on the website.

I would not recommend this LMS to anyone at this point since the developer is not willing to provide the support that is needed to make the product function properly. I feel that I was ripped off by paying $900 for development that was not delivered as agreed upon.
byjbourque, January 23, 2011
Multi Sites
I was looking for a component that would allow me to replicate a single site into multiple sites without having to rebuild and link my joomla installations manually. This extension was exactly what I was looking for.

I saw a post that said it took more than 18 hours to configure with no luck. For me it took about 30 minutes to an hour to stumble around the component which is very nicely written to figure out what I was try to do. It might have went faster if I would have taken the time to review the video that gives step by step instruction. The component offers some very useful tool tips that makes the configuration very easy.

I tried to push this component to do multi sites via SSL which was a bit of a challenge because of limitations in Apache and Cpanel. I submitted a request to the developer for an hour of help which was well worth its cost he quickly responded and setup a remote session with me where we were able to find a solution which was not really directly related to Joomla Multisite. Edwin took the time to help me find a solution to a complex problem and also took the time to make sure my Joomla Multisite site configuration was correct.

I would highly recommend this component to anyone looking for a solution to deploy multi sites with a master site this program is top notch.

The time that it takes to deploy a new slave site is worth more than 50 times the cost of the license.

Joe Bourque
byjbourque, May 29, 2010
I purchased this component because it stated you can accept credit cards however it appears its only possible with paypal. This component has allot of potential however it needs to integrate with for those that don't use paypal
byjbourque, May 23, 2009
JS Jobs
I have used a number of Job Board components in the past and I searched for something that would allow others to post and manage their own ads and JS Jobs did the trick. The Installation was easy to understand and the process works great on my new site.

Excellent component for Job Board website.

Joe Bourque