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byjcagney, January 21, 2011
Confident CAPTCHA
I installed Confident Captcha and it didn't show up on my sites (history animation sites). I contacted their support and received an instant and very correct response. Works great - like it much better than word Captcha.
Instructions I received:

* Go to the administration pages, log in
* Go to Extensions tab, Install/Uninstall
* Install Confident CAPTCHA plugin
* Go to Extensions / Plugin manager (follow suggested link)
* Add API credentials, Save
* Enable the plugin (select then Enable)
* Go to Components / Contacts / Contacts, select Name
* Enter parameters:
* Name: Site Admin
* Alias: admin
* Contact Position: Admin
* Email: Yours
* Miscellaneous: Let me know what you think of our new CAPTCHA
* Parameters (right side): show Name, Misc., hide everything else
* Go to Menus/Main Menu, select Home
* Click the "Change Type" button
* Select Contacts, then Standard Contact Layout
* In right toolbar, select first entry in Contact "Site Admin - Admin", Save
* Logout, go to "Return to site Home Page"
* Admire your CAPTCHA
byjcagney, March 10, 2010
KA Facebook Like Box
Works perfect first time - great explanation on how to get it to work - looks great