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byjcanner, February 4, 2010
Admiror Gallery
This plugin implements a photo gallery using a "Lightbox"and is similar to other plugins that also use this method. It was easy to install and implement, especially if you have experience with other photo gallery plugins. It has a few features which deserve a second look:

* "Full Gallery" theme, which presents the picture with a panel beneath with numbered buttons for each picture in the gallery
* "New" pictures: If a picture has been recently (as defined by the user) added to the directory a little banner with the word "New" is displayed in the upper left corner
* There are some other themes which some users might find useful

There are, however, some problems with the plugin. Some of these are not unique to this plugin:

* There is no way to dynamicaly resize the full image to fit a normal screen. Images needed to be resized ahead of time or they might not be completely visible (if they are too big for the screen).
* The "New" banners do not move with the pictures when the scrolling up and down through the thumbnails.
* Pictures must be in a subdirectory of /images/stories, this is not a preference that can be changed. The gallery can be several levels down, although this is not mentioned in the documentation.

With a few fixes and additional features this could be a very useful plugin.