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byjchris, September 4, 2010
All Weblinks
This is EXACTLY what I needed. The core web link component is very lacking, this plugin changes all that. Good work!
byjchris, September 17, 2009
R3D Floater
Great module that does what it says. Very handy and no problem.

Helpful tip: In the Module Parameters section, be sure to enter the Module Title of the module you want to display inside the floater. This isn't totally clear in the instructions. You may assume, as with other modules, that some of the parameters are optional. They are not. If you make a custom module with some code in it and title it Daily_Update, then you must enter the Module Name ("custom"), and the Module Title ("Daily_Update") for the floater to display your content. Hope this helps someone save some time getting it going.
byjchris, October 15, 2008
This component has been invaluable. I recommend it to everyone. I would also suggest that users not write negative reviews because of issues that may not be related to the component itself. Great tool!