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The component is one of the most useful components that I have tried in recent years. My project was to convert an ACCESS application to the web. The support on the forum was fabulous. Well worth the support price. The PDF document, although tied to the previous 2.0 version, works well for 3.0. The WIKI is very helpful. This is a very strong component. The only gap is the lack of PDF support in 2.5. Strongly recommended.
byjciconsult, January 26, 2012
AutoTweet NG Pro
The developer offers superlative support. Be careful with setting up your own facebook and twitter apps. The documentation from the developer is good but things like app names tripped an inexperienced person such as myself up in facebook.
The advantage of the pay version is the extra plugins and the ability to configure extra channels.
byjciconsult, December 27, 2011
This extension fulfilled my need for a replacement for RokSlideShow. This ia actually better. It pays to read absolutly all the documentation (which I did not). The trick for customization is that the author uses a compressed version of the css (min.css) in production mode and regular css in debug.
His support is good enough so I sent him a donation.
byjciconsult, January 25, 2011
I have rarely been as pleased with an initial test of a component. I moved several hundred articles between Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 including embedded pictures. Initial testing suggests that it worked like a charm. The coding appears strong and the interface excellent. Tip to users, look at the OPTIONS and set them before trying to use it. AND THINK ABOUT THE OPTIONS.
Strongly recommended.
byjciconsult, November 29, 2010
This is highly recommended for any Joomla-based church site. It generates good RSS feeds. Support via the forum is excellent. This is a very useful contribution.
byjciconsult, January 18, 2010
I have been using docman on a lot of sites for a number of years. It is wonderful that it has gone native (in a positive sense). I will be grateful when they get autopopulate up to standard. The price is an incredible bargain.
Phoca Gallery
This is an excellent extension that is challenged by very HI-res graphics on many installations because of memory limitations in the server impelmentation of the GD library. This, otherwise excellent product, could benefit with some workarounds for that problem.
byjciconsult, August 23, 2007
This works as documented. I have also used it with some success with attend events.