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byjcme, February 24, 2010
Shadowbox Media Viewer
Fairly good and easy product to use. Works out of box, as long as you don't have any IE6 users. The 3.0 beta version has no issues with IE6 but the RC1 version bombs IE6 with an operation aborted. RC1 will load with IE6 if J! core is set to no SEF. RC1 will work with some other SEF products active in J! with the core SEF plugin so I am guessing its a pathing translation problem.

Since 3.0.2 shadowbox.js is out hopefully they are working on their new version getting the IE6 issue fixed. Unfortunately there are still IE6 users out there.

Other than this issue, I like the ease of use and the inline override/configuration options. This is the first shadowbox plugin that allowed me to 'drag' a very large picture rather than shrinking it making it unreadable. Can't wait to the GA version (but it need to work with all browsers)!!
Owner's reply

Upgraded to v3.0.3 which should fix IE6 problems.