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byjcncnc, November 19, 2008
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MoeScroll Advanced
I downloaded this script a few months ago and I think it was free at the time. I ended up using it on a site where it conflicted with another script. So I checked and they had an updated version, but you had to pay this time ($19.95 a month to download any and all of their scripts). So, I paid the fee, installed the new script and the conflict was resolved, but there was one other little problem with it.

I couldn't figure it out and I had a nasty client breathing down my back who was really pressuring me to get it done TODAY! So I wrote to support and actually mentioned that I had a lot of pressure from the client to have this finished by the end of the day - and they actually responded within an hour.

I gave them all my login info - and instead of the usual thousand questions merry-go-round delaying tactics you get from most companies - they went into my site, fixed everything up PERFECTLY! And had the whole thing working within just a couple of hours. YOU DON'T GET SERVICE LIKE THAT from many places these days! So I have to give them a big kudos on that.

As for the script it is wonderful. I had some complications on this one site that conflicted with it, but they fixed that up in no time and it works perfectly on another site I run. It has a ton of features and is very flexible.

This is one script that's Well worth paying for!
byjcncnc, August 12, 2008
RSform Pro
I've been creating web sites for over a decade and it has always been a hassle to have to design forms.

This program is the absolute best I've ever used. When it comes to making basic forms it really covers everything.

Radio buttons, check boxes, free text boxes - absolutely everything is covered.

Usually when you create a form, the output (the email the administrator will receive) leaves a lot to be desired. Most forms scripts leave out this very important part of the process. But with RSJoomla you can totally customize and configure the way you want the email to look. This may not sound like a big deal, but to the person who is on the receiving end of all the orders it can make a lot of difference. And it can really help speed up their work.

GREAT JOB RSJOOMLA!! I highly recommend this. Oh, and it works perfectly with Joomla right out of the box, and the support has been excellent!