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byjdc18, September 19, 2012
I have to say that I have being developing for 2 years with flexicontent and everytime I have faced a problem I have found a solution. People at the forum are really helpfull, whatever they lack on documentation they complement it at the forum.
Once you use flexicontent you will wonder why it is not already part of the original package. It is really flexible an adaptable. It has tons of plugins.
Owner's reply

I guess, you mostly speak of documentation for -developers-,

yes the documentation for developers is still being written, every time a question that is useful for developers, is answered in the forum, we make also make a new FAQ/Documentation article out of the forum answer.

for end users the inline description and parameters layouts have been improved to make it easier to use, although not as easy as we would want.

By tons of plugins i guess you mean ability to trigger only a specific content plugin (instead of all plugin) in text fields to create a custom FLEXIcontent field e.g. a video field or Google maps field etc , although such (free) fields exist by third party developers.

we avoid making too many different plugins if the functionality can be accommodated by an existing plugin, e.g. our image field is also (in latest version) an image gallery having all the functionality of the single image field ...