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byjdlmarsh, August 29, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
This is a great module with really excellent visual transitions between slides and the Vinaora folk have provided a comprehensive Joomla! interface to the underlying CU3er display engine. Brilliant! The fatal flaw, however, is that it uses the 0.9.2 version of CU3er (presumably because it's free and mostly better, in my opinion at least, than the later commercialised version) and there is a bug which no one seems able and/or willing to fix which prevents it from being used as a navigation device within a Joomla! website. The bug is that the description panel which (optionally) appears on each slide can only link to a URL in a new browser window, which is absolutely not what is required for within-site navigation. What a shame! It renders the whole thing virtually useless because it is so confusing. So in summary, a big plus and a big minus.
byjdlmarsh, July 11, 2010
This is a brilliant plugin - essential in fact.

All of us who are running forums as part of our Joomla! sites or have enabled user comments, especially when our user base is relatively local, want to restrict who can access the site in order to reduce spam/hacking attempts. That's what this does, on a country basis using a geo-ip address database.

There are even two modes of operation - external or local. The local option means that you can install the database (free, monthly download from and therefore not be dependent on maxmind's online service being available.

It's early days (I only just installed and tested it) but I would say this is a winner.