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byjdmorris, November 22, 2012
RSSeo! Suite
I'm using RSSeo and RSFirewall on all my sites!

RSSEo with crawler and site map functionality have definitely helped my sites performance and page ranking.

Additionally RSJoomla has fantastic support, if you have a conflict (which is not their problem in the first place), they will help you until everything is playing nice together!

Honestly I can't live without this component, as well as RSFirewall.

I completely trust this developer and would recommend anything they develop - their code and support is top-notch!
byjdmorris, October 30, 2012
Art Shutter Gallery
This is a very cool extension, I'm using it for a broadcasting technology website Art Shutter Gallery looks great, and works perfectly!

I had a little trouble with images loading; it turned out to be Rockettheme "Smart Load", the Artetics team helped me identify this quickly, and for free! Anyone using Rockettheme templates, it's easy to disable Smart Load in the template admin panel.

I highly recommend anything these guys develop, I've using several of their extensions over the years, and they all work perfectly! Also if you ever need support, these guys are quick, and don't do the blame game, they reach out and help.
byjdmorris, April 29, 2012
Clean Response
I use: Clean Response, ByeBye Generator,and AdminExile and they all work perfectly!

Thank you Michael for your great Joomla extensions!
byjdmorris, April 29, 2012
Excellent plugin, removes generator tag (or edit as you'd like).

Should be part of Joomla core!
byjdmorris, February 9, 2012
This is a must for all Joomla sites!

It works as advertized, I had it up and running in less than 1 minute. I was using another extension, however the programmer failed to support J1.6~ when I made the transition, so now I only use AdminExile on all my sites.

I love the new feature in Version 1.6 - Option to use key + value.

I also use Clean Response on all my sites.

Michael Richey please keep up the great work!
byjdmorris, February 1, 2012
CountDown-Up Big
I'm using this module to count up, i.e. zero downtime since...

It has added great value to my client; it was easy to install/set up and runs perfectly. Additionally it looks nice!

Thank you, and keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

You are welcome, thank you for your review!

byjdmorris, December 8, 2011
Zh GoogleMap
I've tried a few Google maps, this one works the best for me. Easy to use, works with all browsers...etc. I highly recommend this to any Joomla user!

I love it, keep up the great work!
byjdmorris, December 2, 2011
Lof SlideShow Pro
I love this module, I'm using on 2 sites, and it has been working perfectly since the first day I used it.

This developer builds nice stuff, well worth the extremely low cost for the Pro version.

Keep building these great Joomla modules!
byjdmorris, December 2, 2011
Lof Flash Accordion for K2
LandOfCoder makes great modules, I love the lof K2 Flash Accordion, easy to install, and works perfectly. Nice eye candy for your Joomla site!
byjdmorris, July 16, 2011
I needed this module to put my SSL seal in my site's header position (Joomla v1.6.5), was able to that in under 1 minute!

Great module, simple and easy to use.
byjdmorris, July 7, 2011
Admin Tools Professional
Akeeba Back up & Admin Tools are, in my opinion the most important tools for a Joomla administrator.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos impressed me so much with his personal quick response while I had the free versions, that I felt I should invest with the "AKEEBADELUXE" (Pro versions of Admin Tools & Akeeba Back up), I'm so happy with the pro versions.

I'd rate the developer as A+, regular updates to accommodate Joomla development, works as advertised, intuitive, good documentation, and fantastic quick support.

If you've used the free versions, go pro, definitely worth the extra features for the small investment!
byjdmorris, June 8, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
I can't believe this isn't part of the core Joomla, makes developing so much easier. Great developer who keeps all the modules and plugins updated regularly.
byjdmorris, May 27, 2011
Accordion FAQ
I love this module & plugin. A nice way to display my list of news articles, looks great on my site, easy to set up and no conflicts!

Great job, thank you!
byjdmorris, May 13, 2011
Cache Cleaner
I absolutely love this plugin, it should be part of Joomla core!

I'm using this jewel on 3 sites, and honestly can't live without it!
byjdmorris, March 13, 2011
Shape 5 Image Set Rotator
I've been using the image rotator on a multilingual site for over a year, no problems.

Very easy to configure, well thought out configuration options.

I'm surprised no one has submitted a review, perhaps like me, I suspect many members are using it without any problems.
byjdmorris, March 6, 2011
Easy to install, will definitely help your Joomla site get better hits, which is one issue with Joomla.

Works as advertised!

A definite requirement for your Joomla site, and should be a part of the core Joomla installation.
byjdmorris, March 1, 2011
Easy to install and set up, despite the complexity of the extension. I have peace of mind knowing that my site is protected.

I'd never run my computer without an anti-virus software, nor will I leave my site exposed.

Definitely the best Firewall for Joomla that's out there!

Great pricing this month with the 50% off!!!

Thank you RSJoomla!
byjdmorris, February 12, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Thank you so much for this awesome component!

I love the new update method, other Joomla developers should follow your example.

Keep up the good work!
byjdmorris, October 22, 2010
I've been researching SEF, SEO for a while now, and decided to implement sh404SEF. I had a few minor configuration things on my end, however the support forum had all the solutions available to get me up and running smoothly.

I highly recommend this extension for every Joomla site - a must have for sure!
byjdmorris, June 11, 2010
Thank you for this great pluggin, it works nicely! I was always concerned that if anyone knew my site was Joomla, they'd be able to hack it easily - actually it's no ones business what tool I use to develop my site. I am using other security measures, but this is a great tool!
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