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byjdponce, February 22, 2014
Admin Tools Professional
I have purchased this extension and let me tell you something: If you are facing a real hard attack, this tool is poor. One of my websites has been hacked, even thought I have GeoBlock activated and only people of my country can access it. Also, is very, very complicated to set up. The only help that you can get with the technical support is that they guide you to read again the documentation.
On the other hand, the google bots will be blocked. I asked for this issue and you know what? they told me that I had to put the bots IP's in the whilelist, no way!. By the way, there are a rude people over there.
Finally it has a lot of false positives, you don't know if your site has been accessed for a non dangerous spyder or an offender.
I purchased this tool in order to save some bucks, but I was fine with OSE Security Suite, too bad. Now I will purchase it and I will install it in all my sites again.

I hope this be useful for others.
Owner's reply

Hello David,

I told you that you need to read the documentation where it says that you have to enable the "Allow site templates" option to not block Google Bot. It also does explain why. You came to the arbitrary conclusion that our software is killing your sites' Google rankings even though you are not using the default site templates. Our documentation tells you that this is immaterial because the Mail To core Joomla! feature (com_mailto) will always use the core templates. Hence the option we tell you to enable in our documentation.

You also complained that it's difficult to set up. It is, if you don't read the documentation. We are very upfront about it. There is a Quick Start chapter which guides you through the basic setup. If there was one site fits all security solution it would have already been included in Joomla!.

I do apologise for my tone in your ticket of January 6th. I was replying in the same tone as yours. I recognise it was a mistake.

byjdponce, September 16, 2013
The plugin is out of the box and does the work; however, you have to get an API from Boustscout DB, and they allow only 300 queries daily, and you can't enter a subdomain, in my case I have six subdomains and if I share that 300 queries is no enought, I have sites with high traffic. So, you have to know this limitation.
byjdponce, January 8, 2011
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Thanks for your hard work, but I am not agree with you if you say that is enough finding the location with the map, I am searching some of them and is really a pain in the neck, because my customer gave me the coordinates of his branches in some countries; then, try to figure out how dificult is this!, on the other hand, if I could write the latitude and longitud directly in the field would be terrific!, I know you will do it!, I'll be waiting for this feature.

Thanks anyway
Owner's reply

click the minus button a few times to zoom-out and then you drag to your location (10-second job).