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Reviews(1), July 18, 2009
I am convinced that the incredibly bright people who are developing products in the Joomla community simply do not understand the NEW kinds of customers they are getting. Joomla is offering the non-technical people who actually do the writing and the planning and visualizing an opportunity to put their thoughts into action. After, oh about 3 weeks, working with Joomla I am both amazed and confused. Apparently the folks who write these extensions want money, and I say, hoorah ! I would be delighted to give you some money for your hard work. But how do I tell what functionality is free and what I need to buy ? Who told you guys/gals that you needed to be coy about your products. This notice comes in JCE and I rate it excellent although I am not yet able to achieve my goals because I am confused. There is no place where it says "this is free" and "this costs money" and "load things in this order". Instead you need to wander around for hours and hours trying to figure this stuff out. Here is the point, if you are really smart and can do stuff others can't then be crystal clear and charge for it. Otherwise, as a business person I would have to warn my peers off this product because it is bloody insane trying to get the functionality that is described in various places to show up in my world. I'm going to keep trying because I have soooo much time invested. If you're just starting, pack a lunch.