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byjebaDaveA, February 19, 2013
Crosswords for Communities
I really like this one. It's unique in the Joomla world, and high-quality. Maverick stands by his extensions with top-quality support too. Thanks Maverick!
byjebaDaveA, February 19, 2013
Twitter Updates (Extended) for Jomsocial
This is a very attractive and flexible Twitter app for JomSocial, best one I have found. Codeboxr is also very responsive, with a quick reply to my question. When I need an extension that I can trust, codeboxr is on my short list of developers that I check first to see if they have what I need. Thanks Sabuj!
byjebaDaveA, February 19, 2013
Insta Photo Display for JomSocial
Another high-quality extensions. This is a very easy to use app to display Instagram photos. Support is very responsive. I had a question and the reply came back quickly. I also discovered that because of the way it uses an RSS feed to get the images, I can also use it to display images from Flickr RSS feeds.
byjebaDaveA, December 21, 2012
Pinterest Pin Display for JomSocial
Works great in Jomsocial. You can choose any user or board, does not have to be the same board as the JomSocial user. Sabuj is very responsive. I had a minor request and he responded immediately with a fix! That gives me the confidence to explore the other extensions from codeboxr. Thanks Sabuj!
byjebaDaveA, November 6, 2012
Awo Email Login
Super simple to use. Worked perfectly with Jomsocial 2.6 also and JFBC! Thanks AWO!
byjebaDaveA, May 20, 2012
Email Beautifier
It does what it says. No more lame standard Joomla emials. This provides a single template to all your emails. Really boost the image of your mails. Well worth the money. Thanks for this one!
Flexi Contact
This is a very easy to use contact component. But it has all the essential features so I am not lacking anything. AND it has a built-in captcha that makes the user click on simple pictures instead of the dreaded distorted words. Definitely worth using for me! Thanks! The developer has other promising extensions worth looking at.
byjebaDaveA, February 24, 2011
Mosets Tree Favourites for JomSocial
This is a much needed add-on for Mtree and JomSocial. There is good flexibility with the listing layout, and it includes the thumbnail which other Mtree plugins for JomSocial lack. Nice job Rikki!
byjebaDaveA, February 24, 2011
Mosets Tree Ajax Search
This is a much needed add-on for Mtree. It installed easily and looks good. Rikki did a nice job, like all the other Mtree add-ons from RJP!
byjebaDaveA, January 30, 2011
Admin Tools
Like Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools is a high-quality extension and works perfectly. Absolutely no complaints! Thanks for developing and releasing it!
byjebaDaveA, January 7, 2011
Be Involved!
Simple to install, simple to use, and looks good! That's all I can ask for in a free extension. Thanks for this.
JSPC for JomSocial
This is a nicely polished app. There are free ones for similar capability, but this one is more mature and polished than the free ones. It's easy for members to ignore filling in their profiles, but every admin knows complete profiles are needed for a healthy community. JSPC is a good tool for an admin to build a community.
byjebaDaveA, December 12, 2010
XiUS for JomSocial
This adds very useful capabilities to any community. JomSocial's built-in search is ok but can be a little clumsy for non-technical people. XIUS lets the admin create common lists of users and makes it easy for your community to find each other. It really builds out a core community feature. And it's very nicely integrated now into JomSocial in the newer versions. Well done!
XIPT for JomSocial
JomSocial 2.0 now has "profile types", but it's nothing compared to the power of this mature extension. It's the only way to truly enable different "classes" of members, with configurations for fields, applications, privacy, and many more settings. More capabilities keep getting added with each new version. I see an even brighter future for XIPT if this pace continues!
byjebaDaveA, December 9, 2010
Mosets Tree Listings for JomSocial
I've tried the other JomSocial Mtree plugins for My Listings, and they were "good enough" but left room for improvement. RJP's is the best yet. It worked perfectly in JomSocial 2.0.2 and gives you complete control over the listing layout through the use of HTML tags. The few dollars I spent was well worth it to get the layout control this offers. Well done!
byjebaDaveA, October 22, 2010
My RSS Reader
This is an excellent component. It's NOT a basic module like most other RSS extensions. The cron task is a great upgrade. Now with Categories for feeds, it's perfect. The developer keeps improving it too. Super easy to install and works great for my purposes. Well worth a donation to keep the developer interested. THANKS for making this!
FirstFriend for JomSocial
This is a small feature but it makes a big difference. It's definitely worth the few $. Now, every new JomSocial member has a "friend" when they join. How many times have you seen a community and almost all members have 0 friends? No longer with FirstFriend! And with Gift Exchange, they also get a free gift when they join. It's actively developed too, with a new release every month. Check it out!
byjebaDaveA, October 3, 2010
Socialables has been working on this all of 2010, and it shows. I've been in the beta program so it's been fun to watch it grow up. This is an entire level above any type of gift extensions. It has great integration with JomSocial too, AUP, JomSocial points, drag & drop gifts, much more. And it's actively developed. Every month there is a new release. Greg at Sociables has a long roadmap of future features, and I'm glad he's taken hold of this category to develop it to the full potential. It's an area that Joomla really lacked, but not any more.

It also integrates nicely with their FirstFriend extension, so new members can automatically receive a gift when they register. Try it out on their site to see what I mean.
Account Expiration Control
This is really fantastic software. It took me a little while to really grasp it because all I wanted was PayPal subscriptions. But once I started learning AEC, I was amazed at how much could be controlled by it. It's just realllly cool. I strongly suggest taking the tour at the website to fully grasp what it's capable of. Very glad I bought it and I've renewed 3x now to keep it up to date with the new features. The MIs (Micro Integrators) are really powerful. Keep up the great work!
byjebaDaveA, September 4, 2010
I'm using this component and I really like it. It's fun for members to add their own pictures to be used for jigsaw puzzles. I'm not aware of anything else like this for Joomla. If you want a simple to install and use, and reliable way to have custom puzzles for your site, this is it! It's well worth the fair price.
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