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byjeddell, April 27, 2014
Easybook Reloaded
This is a promising Extension with a number of good features. The one thing that stopped me from keeping this was the spam protection did not work. Loved the concept, just didnt work
Owner's reply

You should use my plugin "EasyCalcCheck Plus" if you have problems with spam. This plugin was written to stop every spam in Joomla! and supports Easybook Reloaded natively!

byjeddell, November 18, 2011
RSform Pro
I have been using RSJoomla Components for some time now and prefer to stay with them because they 99% of features that one needs when building a good website. RSForms Pro is one of their best. It can be used to integrate with all of there other extensions that require forms to be filled out, as well as creating a custom registration form for Joomla.

More over, There support is second to none. They go the extra mile as often as the possibly can and are always friendly and have never been stumped on a problem.

I'm going to keep using these extensions, becasue simply put, you get what you pay for and these guys are worth it.
byjeddell, October 12, 2011
I've been using RSFiles for some time now and on a number of sites from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7. The component works exceptionally well. It has comprehensive documentation and if you still have difficulties, the support from the site is second to none. Very prompt very professional.
There are free extensions out there that do similar, but none as complete and well polished.
Yes it is commercial, and the only downside I see is that it is a yearly subscription for the support and free updates. But for the hassle free useage, it is a small price to pay. Well done guys you rock!
byjeddell, September 21, 2011
This extension is said to be Non-Commercial for 1.6 version, however when you go to the site to download it, you have to pay. The version for 1.5 is non commercial and has its own Joomla extension line item. This one however cost 5 Euros. I'm not against buying extensions. I am against false advertising to draw readers.
Owner's reply

Also the joomla 1.6 version is freel of costs and has always been free??

byjeddell, February 2, 2011
For years I've been a diehard CK Editor fan. I tried this WYSIWYG editor and in a very short time, I'm a convert. I particularly like the configuration and administration component. How easy is it to manage this plugin. Can't wait for you to make this Joomla 1.6 native......please.....
byjeddell, April 26, 2010
I have been struggling with this plugin for a week now. I like the concept of Moodle. It is a very powerful and flexible tool. I also love the Joomla CMS system and the work that everybody puts into their modules.

Joomdle seemed on the face value to be a great idea to have the two integrate together and gain the best of both worlds, and I'm sure that with some people this is the case.

However, if you do not understand what XML-RPC is or are not completely confident in how to find IP addresses or correct URL settings, or struggle to do your own troubleshooting, then this, unfortunately is not the component for you.

The reason being is you will be tearing out your hair if anything goes amiss. The instructions on the joomdle website are quite clear and understandable. But that is about all the support you will get. If, for what ever reason your application does not work, you are then on your own. After going through the forums, and for that matter emailing the developer personally, if you have any issues that he cannot answer, You will probably not get any response at all.

So in summary, Great concept, but if you are not and advanced user and are unable to troubleshoot on the fly. Then look for an alternative