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byjedimonk, June 18, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
be sure and read the "checklist" if you have problems, the solution is probably in there, if not, Mike is super supportive and happy to help. I give this one 5 stars for sure.
byjedimonk, January 26, 2007
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its not the professional industrial strength tool I need. Too buggy, and really not a very robust solution overall. Its just not for me. Even if you're new to Joomla, this one is probably not the one to master for the long haul.
byjedimonk, January 26, 2007
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This one is no toy. You can do just about anything with this one, and do it RIGHT. For the power user, or joomla developer, this is the ONE to get, nothing else even comes close. Fabrik takes mosforms to a whole new level, and really is far and away the best one in this catagory. Once you get the hang of it, it's probably the most empowering extension you can get for joomla right now. Like all amazing things with depth, you must take some time to get to know it. Well worth mastering this one if you're at all serious about Joomla. This one replaces a whole slew of amateur, horsey extensions I have phased out completely and is WAY less buggy. Very solid, very deep, very powerful. There is no competition with this one. Learn it, master it, work with it.