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byjeece, August 11, 2012
This CCK is very usefull and it is easy to install. The support community (french or english) is efficient and reactive, thanks to them !
It allows pleasant functionnalities such as a free gallery, which is not include in all CCK's.
However, for newbies (as I am), it's a little hard to understand how it integrates with Joomla! But I suppose it needs time, as all other tools !
Owner's reply

I agree with you,

FLEXIcontent has long list of features, that i myself may forget of them, and many advanced features that are not meant to be used by newbies.

Should we not have included them? And we think twice before including unnecessary features.

Mastering a big extension is not easy, even for experts users, and also everything is more or less a trade-off, when you make something more powerful, you make it a little or much more difficult. We try to make only a little more difficult, and improve intuitiveness of user interface wherever possible, and give time to it, despite it being a -free- extension.

Basic usage of extending the Joomla article system (instead of replacing it) with extra fields, Contents Types and templating, comes easy.

Everybody of us gave time when he/she first started using a CMS like Joomla ... using a big extension and taking advantage of big component will require some time and as i said above some features are meant for web-designers (and developers)