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byjeejeestudio, February 4, 2012
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Maian Media
Alao did a great job porting this component to jml2.5, it installs great and it works excellent. Building up my new jml2.5 site right now, Great Job. Just love it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The 2.5 compatibility was a pain that I glad is over with. Hopefully Joomla won't make any drastic changes in the future.

byjeejeestudio, February 27, 2011
Custom Flash
-Install the component
-Go to components --> Custom Flash
-click NEW and inset your swf movie (like
-Add a new MENU and select CUSTOM flash as menu type
-Then choose wich movie (on the right side)
-click save or save&close
-open your site and click the new menu button you've made

e voila
byjeejeestudio, January 17, 2009
Use the dev version 1.2.8 works great.
Now i could block a bot wich was hitting my site every minute for a whole day. I can see how people found my site and what words they used to find it. really really great!

Best plug-in so far!