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byjeffT, January 31, 2013
HTTPBL - Project Honeypot Blocklists
This is a must have for any site, if you want to improve protection against malicious robots.
Works straight out of the box, both on Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 installations.
A nice to have would be to have access to the stats from the admin interface, and maybe be able to reset them.
Thanks for making this available to the community :)
byjeffT, November 20, 2012
I have tried this extension for a client website still running on Joomla 1.5 with Virtuemart 1.1.9
This extension is definitely useless, at least in its free version. Ok, it's able to create sef urls for the Joomla articles, but the Joomla built in sef engine does exactly the same, if not better!
When it comes to make sef urls for Virtuemart, you will discover that this brilliant product will simply ruin your site. ALL the urls generated for Virtuemart,products, categories, whatever just point to the same unique url.
If you look deeper into the settings, you eventually find that you can disable their crippled sef handling for Virtuemart and use the default Joomla router.
So this is what you get. A sef engine that does nothing but adds a back link to all of your pages...
I don't want to bash their business model. They handle it the way they like after all.
But I simply don't understand the point in pretending to distribute a free extension, when it actually does nothing. It does not even tease you to purchase the commercial version. It just irritates you because you lost precious time installing (I would recommend on a test server), discovering it does nothing useful and then uninstalling it.
IMHO this is a product to avoid. Sorry but there are much better extensions available here.
Owner's reply

Well, if you would read some of info at our website (or in FAQs or Documentation), you could learn that you need an add-on extension to support more complex extension such as VirtueMart. Maybe, it would be simply better to get some info before writing a review.

byjeffT, November 13, 2012
Universal AJAX Live Search
This module will add this sophisticated touch you're looking for to any site! So much better search functionality than the default Joomla search function.
I have installed it on two different sites.
1. A web shop still running Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart. The module worked straight out of the box. This store has more than 1000 products in its inventory and the Ajax search is still very responsive. This is obviously a great help for clients quickly looking for something!
2. A smaller webshop developed with Joomla 2.5 and Hikashop. Here also the Ajax Search module worked great! I had minor issues with the Falang component used to translate the site in 3 different languages. The search module is not translatable in Falang. The support team has been excellent and found an easy solution for me. It is just a matter to create a search module for each language.
It is also easy to configure and has extensive options to customize the search options and the layout, without even modifying a single css line.
This is definitely a five stars extension, both for its quality and the great support you get from the developers.
byjeffT, September 18, 2012
Community Builder
Having been asked for help with a club site, I was looking for a way to extend the Joomla user management system. We needed to display in the front-end a listing of all the club members with additional fields such as address, phone, member number etc. We also needed to give the possibility to the club administrators to edit each member profile from the front-end.
Community Builder provided exactly what we needed and much more!
It also integrates seamlessly with Kunena forum which is a big plus.
Now come a few negative points:
- The code behind CB is messy and far from following the MVC architecture. It becomes time consuming to make even a small adjustment.
- The language files don't follow either the Joomla specs (using simple ini files). Creating a translation plugin is a whole story! As there is no Swedish plugin for CB 1.8... We will have to make one ;)
- The admin interface could also benefit some clean-up. You can't have more than 4 columns in the list view? I agree that 4 columns should suffice in most cases, but more flexibility would be welcome here.
- I couldn't find a way to list the fields created in Joomla user profile plugin. Maybe my lack of experience with CB?
Despite the few cons mentioned, I think CB is a very good extension, and it did exactly what we needed. Thanks a lot for developing this and making it available to the Joomla community.
byjeffT, May 21, 2012
We are now developing a multilingual site for a company where people are not so technically oriented and looked for an easier to use alternative to Joomla built-in translation system.
That's how I discovered Falang, and I must say the author has made a great job here.
If you used Joomfish before you will feel at home with Falang. The interface is even cleaner and easier to use than its predecessor Joomfish.
The instructions to setup the component are very clear, and eventually everything works 100% as expected.
One (simple) thing not to forget: Publish the System - Language Filter plug-in otherwise translations wont work. I found myself struggling for half an hour with this. But this is clearly explained in the setup instructions, 100% my fault, I should have read them ;)
Thanks again for the excellent work
byjeffT, March 18, 2011
Kunena offers everything you can expect from a forum application, with seamless integration into Joomla.
The back-end admin panel is very complete and offers many options to configure and run the forum.
I had to migrate a site developed in Joomla 1.0 (yes it was time!) using the Fireboard component forum. I first used the migrator component with the Fireboard migrator plugin to backup the old content. When I've installed Kunena in the new site, it asked me if I wanted to restore the Fireboard content or proceed with a virgin install. And voila done!
Well... Almost ;) There is something that's not clearly explained in Kunena docs. It needs Mootols 1.2 to install and run properly. Which means that you have to enable the System - Mootools Upgrade (mtupgrade) plugin in Joomla plugin manager. Without it, the Kunena installer will end up with an awful php error :(
Apart from that little trick it's definitely a 5 stars component.
byjeffT, December 21, 2006
Having tried all the free WYSIWYG editors available, JCE seems to be the most complete one. It does a good job. BUT still A FEW IMPERFECTIONS REMAIN.
Most annoying is the embed media functionality that... simply doesn't work. Not only it doesn't work, but if you want to embed a video typing the HTML code manually, JCE will just strip out your custom code! I had to revert to the non wysiwyg editor to embed the videos in my content!
Neither you can create pop-up window links as some other free editors do.
The image browser is good, but it doesn't let you browse the whole site. You're limited to the Joomla image/stories folder. It would be better to have access to the whole site structure, at least if you are administrator or super administrator.
Despite these few negative points, JCE work well. Apart the embed video problem, I haven't noticed any other major bug. It's also quite fast and efficient.
If you mostly use text + images content on your site, JCE will do the job nicely. If you have more complex content, or want to add some custom code and JCE doesn't like it, you may become frustrated.
Owner's reply

JCE has a Media Manager plugin that helps with inserting media.

Following the release of 1.1.0 'stable', the Media Manager SE will be available, with the ability to insert FLV files.