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byjeffbreno, August 15, 2013
FedEx Multibox Shipping for VM
Our shop has multiple products, weights and shipping zones, this module saved me hundreds of configuration hours and ties directly to our fedex account. I only had one snag which required me to submit a ticket which was answered very quickly and politely. If you buy any module for VM, I definately recommend this one.
I give this a good rating for the fact that yes it has a lot of options and is very configurable and I would recommend MediaShop if you have only a few files that you are working with. However, I would NOT recommend MediaShop is you are trying to offer an extensive number of files, especially if you are selling images or frequently updated files.

To use this application for reselling digital images, I found that MediaShop is very cumbersome and time consuming to the point of being painful.

HOWEVER - If you are selling a limited number of files that only need product name and descriptions to motivate your customers to purchase, this is a great plugin.
Owner's reply

I would be interested to discuss this and get your ideas for improvements. Please contact us.

byjeffbreno, March 12, 2011
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Easy to use and configure. The only issue I encountered was using it in a Joomla 1.6 site. With encryption active, the form would not accept any information as correct and would error out on user registration. Regardless (especially for Joomla 1.6) it's still an excellent plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The problem was fixed in version 1.6-2!