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byjeffert, January 9, 2014
JB Article Seo Checklist
I was looking for a way to optimise my articles for search engines easily and without hiring an expensive seo specialists.
This plugin helped me alott by giving me the information and hints that i needed to optimise the pages and used images.

I had a general question about these articles and contacted Joomla Business support for this.
I got response within 4 hours and they told me exactly what i wanted to know.

I really enjoy working with this plugin and am very happy with the result.
Thanks Joomla Business!
byjeffert, March 8, 2013
I needed a directory that could import 900 company's that i had from a database export.
I bought a silver membership to be able to import all the companys.
It worked perfect! Well, after finding out how it all worked ofcourse.
It can do so much it's kind of overwelming.
When you work some thime with the plugin it is not so difficult really.

I had alott of question i asked on the forum and i must say that the support is stunning.
I had some very difficult wishes and they where all fulfilled because of the support team!

Well worth the money and time i had to spend learning this advanced piece of software.
byjeffert, March 1, 2013
HD-Open Graph
Just what i was looking for.
I did not see an image button so asked support.
Got an answer within 15 minutes!
Very helpfull....and it was not the extentions problem ;)
Keep up this good work!
byjeffert, January 13, 2013
2J Gallery
I wanted to create some overview pages that link to my joomla articles.
I tryed some gallery plugins but did not have the awesome flexibility this plugin has.

I already know this development team, i bought other plugins aswell.
Therefore i hoped this did what i expected.
Not only did it work like i is so much more flexible than i is a really awesome plugin with lots of options, worth the money big time.

I still had some questions, i asked on a sunday and got answers within minutes...what a stunning support.

If you are looking for a gallery found it.
Bet there is by far!

Keep up this stunning work dev team!
byjeffert, May 12, 2012
DataSafe PRO
A good backup tool is a must have when you let customers change theyre own website.
After install and backup i got an error it could not optimize database.
I contacted support just to be sure, and the response was within an hour...really awesome.
I tested it out a bit and it works great.
Remember that joomla caches your site so you might wonna turn that off after you restore from a backup.
I really like the automail function, that's just automation made easy :)
Cheers for this good tool for 5 pounds, great price.
Custom PHP Settings
Awesome plugin.
I wanted to set the memory limit of some php scripts i use.
This simply does the trick, just install and set...ready to go within 2 minutes :)

Don't hesitate. this is the one to go with!
byjeffert, March 14, 2012
Funky Wall
I was looking for a complete portfolio solution when i found this.
I use this as an intro for my portfolio now since it just works so cool.

After buying i had some marging problems that where solved by support very quickly.

Really awesome plugins, keep that's awesome :)
byjeffert, March 9, 2012
JomLand Ticket Center
Works great, no doubt about that.
i am way more happy with the support though.

i wanted to add a payment gateway and got all the info i needed to do this.
thanks for that!
i hope you add this gateway when it fully works in upcoming editions.

keep up that support, thats just awesome :)
byjeffert, March 9, 2012
i was looking for some ways that people would not be able to easily come across my admin page.
this does te trick...and very well indeed.
nomore people trying to login as admin :)

i seriously hope lots of ppl will let you make extentions without buying full rights...that may sound harsh. but hey,
i really enjoy your plugins and will deffo donate when i finished this website ;)
Owner's reply

For those who are confused by this review - I offer custom development services. When a customer has an idea for an extension that I think would benefit the community - I offer to build it at a reduced cost in exchange for full copyright and a promise to release it as a free extension in the JED.

These free extensions become a calling card and code example and bring more business to me. I can't say I like charging less - but I can say that I do enjoy giving back to the community.

byjeffert, March 9, 2012
i bought this after waiting for a while since my site was not ready.
by having this i had the chance to see they actually have great support on presale questions.
therefore ive never had a question after buying.
just install, do some settings and your good to go.
i really like the ideal gateway!
makes my work alott easyer...thanks for that!

i would have easily payed more for functinality of contracts and periodic payments.
maybe a future feature :)
byjeffert, March 9, 2012
Abivia SuperTable
Works great!
I like the way that it's not a module.
Thanks for making this a free plugin!
byjeffert, March 9, 2012
Ninja Simple Icon Menu
Works great, easy to add own icons.
Thanks for making this free!

lets you build your fancy menu in minutes :)

Only thing i can come up with is that it would be nice to have some mouse over effect on the text or icons.
byjeffert, March 9, 2012
What? Nothing!
I really like this plugin since it does exactly what i want.
I fancy the options in this plugin and would have bought it if it wasnt free.

Looking forward to future features.

Recommended to my friends, it's a must have!
Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

I strongly recommend the Pro version. The added features aren't countless.

byjeffert, March 1, 2012
2J Tabs
I usually don't pay 21 euro's for a plugin only, it seemed to do just a little more then a free tab module.

This however is well worth the money!
I got awesome tabs with images above tabs and modules and plugins in my tabs....just what i wanted.
I contacted support and got usefull answers in no time. I really enjoyed buying it and putting it on my website.

I can't say anything else then that i'm stunned by the quality of this plugin and support delivered here.

5 stars, well deserved, keep up the good work!