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byjeffhoneyager, July 4, 2014
Xpert Gallery
The demo looked good so... From download --> install --> config. took about 2 minutes! Excellent article display tool.
byjeffhoneyager, February 1, 2013
The Geocode Factory
It works great and the support is excellent.

This is an extension worth your while. It does all it says and more. The support is excellent.

One suggestion: put more examples on your demo site - if you do, you will have even more customers :)

A fantastic work.
byjeffhoneyager, August 1, 2012
Short but sweet.
- flexibility is fantastic (see features)
- installation was easy
- learning all the possibilities may take time, but this extension is worth it.
- any questions (no matter how trivial) were answered VERY quickly and accurately

If you need to build a custom content structure - this is it.

I don't write many reviews, but this one deserves the time to give feedback.
byjeffhoneyager, November 29, 2011
Pro Sticky Message
There are free pop ups - tried them. Bought a couple - bagged them.

Found Pro Sticky Message and love it.

Ease of Use:
- installed extension
- Configured a pop up with
* embeded video (all videos reloaded)
* an embeded form from RSForm
* modified the pop up's CSS
- Tested
- Live

All in under 45 minutes!

opps - needed support (newbie question)

The support was very fast and found the (my) issue quickly.

Recommendation - Buy it.

Peace & Joy,
Jeff Honeyager
byjeffhoneyager, October 26, 2011
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
I needed to stop spam bots from registering. Reviewed the site and the JED reviews.

Installed in less than 5 minutes.

And was taken aback by all of the additional capabilities this little gem had.

Do not pass this one up - it is a MUST HAVE.

Thank you kubik-rubik. After hitting "Submit Review" I am going to click their donate button.
Owner's reply

Hello Jeff,

thank you for your review and donation.

Have success with ECC+!

byjeffhoneyager, August 6, 2011
Great work. Download + Install + Integration + Testing = 5 minutes.

Everything worked as planned.

I like the google talk look - people using Google Talk will have a comfortable experience.
byjeffhoneyager, January 25, 2011
Art Data
We all struggle with good looking tables. It is laborious to tweak tables in html and format data coming from Joomla/extension tables.

Art Data - seems to hold the key.

I purchased this component because of the demo / examples.

After installing it I was quickly stumped. Reluctantly I sent off an email support question and in under 5 minutes I had the answer.

Their support is superb. They are working on more extensive documentation. Based on their examples, I have found a new must-have-tool.

Thank you folks at artetics

Keep on!
byjeffhoneyager, November 14, 2008
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I have installed VirtueMart four times. And got it working on two sites. but only for a while.

Two major cautions need to be given to anyone that wants to use VirtueMart.

1. You MUST NOT be a Joomla newbie
2. You MUST know php

VirtueMart has so many capabilities it is compelling to download and install. But, if you plan a major store, you will need to know php.

If you are considering VirtueMart because it is free, its not. It will cost you many hours and days. Their forum is filled with posts from many people pleading for help. Many receive "me to" replies and many with zero replies that are months old.

If you want VirtueMart, hire a consultant that has at least 10 stores in their portfolio (and go visit them first). It won't be free, but you will improve your probability of success. For me, I'm bagging VM - its too expensive.
byjeffhoneyager, May 7, 2008
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I have tested and used other editors looking for JCE. Now that I've found it, I have been using it (and my clients) for over 2 years with excellent results.

After you install JCE, at the bottom of the "success" page we see that the work on JCE is dedicated to his (Ryan's) father.

Ryan, he is proud of you.

JCE is fantastic!

Quality - excellent
Usefulness - excellent
Features - stellar (i.e. beyond excellent)
Configurable - excellent
Ease of installation - excellent

I can't say enough good things about this component and all the useful plugins (especially the latest image manager)

Wish - I wish all the blog components, forum components, and any add-ons that include html entries (e.g. editor text area) would simply allow JCE to create HTML for their application - all users and admins would benefit!

Anyone that uses this component should send a donation immediately. He has single handedly saved hundreds (if not thousands) of people hours-and-hours of time with JCE.