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byjeffkoertzen, April 12, 2009
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The module works very well for our purposes, and the update to 1.5 native is very much appreciated.

Two things keep me from marking it as excellent.
1) The code uses php shortcuts which don't work in strict php environments.
2) The code forces the use of a currency symbol. If tracking the number of volunteers, for example, this isn't necessary. Leaving symbol blank, however, brings in the $ sign as the default symbol.

Overall, great work!
Owner's reply

Thanks heaps for the encouraging words :) As you recommended, I have fixed the php shortcuts. And on your 2nd point... The currency symbol will keep on filling the form in the backend of your site as will the rest of the fields with their respective default data from the XML file. If you change these they will remain changed. Although if you want them blank, submit the form with the relevant fields blank, and this will be reflected on your sites frontend. However when you return to the backend they will be repopulated by the default values. In your case you could either edit the modules XML file and remove the $ from the currency fields default data, or you could simply blank out the $ each time you update the modules backend. Hope this helps. For further help please visit the support page listed in the modules details.

byjeffkoertzen, December 10, 2008
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I liked the overall idea, I ran into a few problems after installing this plugin. I tried troubleshooting, and then I looked at the code. In XAVideoIframe.php I was surprised to find that the plugin resets and redefines standard Joomla mainframe variables (i.e., _JEXEC, JPATH_BASE, DS). This is very poor code management. Redefining standard variables can have unintended consequences on unsuspecting users. Until these very basic problems are addressed, I suggest that users find another plugin to meet their video needs.
byjeffkoertzen, August 30, 2008
JCK Editor
JoomlaFCK is one of the first plugins I install on every Joomla! installation. It is by far the best editor I have found. Thanks for the great work!
Owner's reply

It great to have such positive feedback, thanks jeffkoertzen!