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byjelutz, February 16, 2010
There are a few extensions out there like this one, but this one is free! There is no way to turn off the title rewriting, but I handle that by making sure my plugin order leaves this one before my preferred plugin for titles.
byjelutz, December 16, 2006
Links to add and edit content are in a strange place... it would be better placed in a menu using standard menu classes used from the main style sheet.

Lots of customization options, including its own CSS! That's impressive. A disappointing selection of attribute values though... odd non-neutral colors and a calendar that doesn't stretch to width.

Category management is sort of confusing, since it uses its own categories a user can get confused with jooma categories.

This would be a great component if it allowed frontend content manipulation.

Overall this calendar extension is better than all the others I've seen.
byjelutz, December 3, 2006
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JCK Editor
This one seems decent, and I like source mode, and how it doesn't mess with my code as much as TinyMCE. But it still messes with my code. When I try to use a hack, or sometimes even something mainstream (I can normally find a workaround for this though) it deletes it. Twerp said this is the only one that doesn't mess with code... IT'S NOT TRUE! Can I just get an editor that records what I type?