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byjenny_mcwilliam, March 11, 2013
JSN PowerAdmin
I saw this presented at the recent Melbourne Joomla! Day. As the presenter explained what it can do I nearly stood up and applauded. The guys at JoomlaShine had nailed some problems faced by administrators and created a great product to solve them. I particularly love the positions light box - you don't just select a position, you can SEE where it will go. Way to go guys!
byjenny_mcwilliam, March 11, 2013
Missing Metadata
This module worked exactly as it said and was easy to use. Sped up the process of ensuring all my descriptions and keywords were up to date.
byjenny_mcwilliam, January 28, 2013
Top of the Page
This is one great little plugin. Did exactly what my client wanted and was SO easy to install and configure. Thanks.
byjenny_mcwilliam, November 16, 2012
I always read the reviews to see how other people had found an extension so I was reluctant to use this extension after reading very mixed reviews. However, it worked for me and looks great - simple, clean, easy to follow for my visitors. I had to play around with it a bit, but once I worked out to create a sitemap, then link it to the menu (just like you link an article to a menu) then it worked. I played around with settings to get just what I wanted it to look like. I still do not understand the priority, but I discovered I could move the menus around to the order I wanted so I am happy. Thanks.
byjenny_mcwilliam, November 10, 2012
Reset Hits
This module was so simple and easy to install and worked exactly as said. Much easier than doing changes in MyPHP or manually changing each article. It was great that there is lots of choice for which hit counters to reset.
It would make sense that this type of function be part of the Joomla core.
byjenny_mcwilliam, April 4, 2012
One of the websites I manage got broken (long story) and I have had to start from scratch. I was not looking forward to uploading hundreds of pdfs via media manager, one at a time, and then I found Extplorer. It was BRILLIANT to batch upload all the files. I had them done in less than an hour. The program installed flawlessly, worked brilliantly and was very simple to use. Well done!.