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byjeremywilken, January 23, 2009
I have tried some of the other comment systems, but this one I think has the best features (at least non-commercial, can't speak to ones you have to pay for). Its feature-full, works, and has everything I need.

However my one problem is the way that outputs the code. I have ended up creating a template override to get the code like I want. It outputs with tables (I claim to code without tables, and what would my clients say!), but I was able to make the override without too much trouble. I think this could be an improved section of the program, but I'm sure this isn't a concern for everyone so unless you desire tableless layouts there is little to complain about here.

Thanks for a great extension, and I hope it stays up to date!
Owner's reply

Thank you for reminding us about 'table vs. tableless design' decision. There is no single answer, what's better. As you may see even in Joomla! two of three 'core' Joomla! templates use tables for layout.
So maybe the best approach will be to have two template sets: table and tableless.
For now, it's quicker for us to complete 'tableless set', because yvComment has only _two_ different tables.
May you contribute your implementation for the yvComment project?