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byjerredk, February 26, 2012
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SB - Facebook Events
I normally don't write any reviews on the pages of extenstions. After all, this program does the trick.

It's a free plug-in, not hard to use, and you can translate anything. Only the position of the 'event image' is a little bit hard. On the other hand: the program is very simple and effective.

I know it's not easy to download something 'unknown' but I gave it a try and I'm very happy!

Thanks to the developers of this plug-in!
byjerredk, August 30, 2011
Extra Vote
I never was about to make an account for this website, but after downloading this system I did. I think Extravote is a good plug-in, for several reasons:

The application is pretty simple, installation is done in a couple of seconds. Because of the ‘few features’ it allows your website to be more unique. As a website developer you can ‘change’ the scripts to fit into your template.
You can change the language, so it’s not only for English sites (like somebody posted here). After downloading open the .RAR file. You’ll see three maps and three files. Click on the map called “language”. After clicking on the map, click on the next map: “en-GB”. Now you’ll see three files. Double click on the last file called: “en-GB.plg_content_extravote.ini”. (Open it in Word or Notepad or any other text editor).

The first three lines are a basic note from the developer. After the three lines you’ll see a white rule and then there is a list of different commands. The plug-in has different ‘command names’ linking to a ‘simple’ word. (This is for the users: they will only see the short/simple word).

The short word is always between “ “. This is the word that will be shown. You can change this word to whatever you want or translate it to your language. This will allow you, as an admin, to change the language of the plug-in. After updating the plug-in, refresh the page using the plug-in.
I must say that I only miss one small thing about this plug-in: it would be a real ‘thumbs up’ when the team made an extra option where there is the possibility that sub-votes has influence on the main-vote.

I’ll illustrate it:

The situation: you got a movie review and you want to give your visitors the chance to vote for it. You make subcategories like actors, music, movie mistakes, acting, … You allow your visitors to vote for all these subcategories. After they’ve voted it would be cool that the plug-in counts a ‘global’ vote for the movie.

Global vote (counted by the plug-in, visitors cannot vote here)
Actors: O O O X O (4 stars)
Acting: O O X O O (3 stars)
Music: O O O O X (5 stars)
Mistakes: O O O X O (4 stars)

After they have voted for the four subcategories the plug-in counts:
VOTE 1 = 4
VOTE 2 = 3
VOTE 3 = 5
VOTE 4 = 4
VOTE_COUNT = 4 (you’ve to vote for 4 things)
Result: VAR = 4

Now the plug-in has automatically counted the global ‘vote/number/stars’ for this movie.

Only an idea for a future update.
Good download, worth downloading.

- Sorry for my bad English, Belgium.