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StyleWare K2 Google Maps
I've used this plugin on a number of sites over the past couple of years and never once had an issue. It does what it says, out of the box, allowing you to map items on a google map. Perfect for store locations, properties and much more.

Most recently I installed an existing site, and it failed to work... so I looked through their forums and posted a question. It was answered almost immediately with an offer of assistance from the developer.

Then the developer went above and beyond the normal and fixed the issue right on my site.

You can't buy that kind of help for their price.. but its there.

Fantastic, Super, Great.
byjessedw, June 13, 2013
AJAX Scroller
I use this module for streaming a twitter feed on my website. When it broke yesterday... as many streaming twitter feeds did with the the move to Twitter api v1.1.. the developer had a new version ready before I knew that it was broken.

Many modules and components do what they advertise... just as this one does. Most modules are are as easy to set up, like this.

What sets this module apart is the superior support.

After installing the new version, it didn't work correctly. I fired an email to the developer. He responded in two minutes. One can't always expect that kind of help... but it deserves a note on the JED when it happens!

Thank you... and it turned out the problem was a conflict with my .htaccess file, nothing even to do with the module itself.
After looking at the demo and being impressed by its polish, I purchased this app a year ago.

It turned out, that it didn't fit my requirements as well as another event app, so I didn't end up using it. While evaluating it on my own server, I ran into a couple of issues, and their support was prompt.

Fast forward a year later... Unlike many other Joomla apps, where the subscription renewal is manual, ohanah's renewal are automatically processed. They sent me a renewal notice, but it was not clear that the renewal was to be automatic, so I ignored it, and then was charged for another full year.

As I had no use for the component, and never did, I complained... it took some doing, but they eventually refunded me.

Their support had and was always timely.

My advice... look at the demo closely to make sure that it truly does what you need it to do, and make sure you understand that its renewals are automatic.
Virtual Domains
Its not obvious, but after installing this package, you have to enable the associated plugin. Once that is done, the component is intuitive and simple.

I have used this component on a number of sites already to great success.

Today I noticed a new way to use it that makes it even better. The component creates access levels when you set it up... because it can detect joomla template overrides.

When using the module manager you can then choose access levels for displaying given modules.

What a fantastic tools.

Thanks, I can't believe its still free
byjessedw, October 11, 2012
Categories Treeview for K2
I was looking for a way to display my k2 categories as a tree menu, and this module, buried deep in the JED did exactly that.

This module didn't work for me on first install... The third level category kept collapsing. I sent an email back to the developer, and the quirk was fixed within 24 hours. Similarly when the new K2 version arrived and there was some incompatibility, the developer once again fixed it right away.

This is a fantastic level of support for such an inexpensive module.

It is a quarter the cost of the alternative that is ranked much higher... And while it is simpler it is very fast loading and also easy to adjust the look, if you know basic css

Bottom line, and great module. Thanks.
byjessedw, February 28, 2012
I would like to echo several of the reviews here and say that the support for RSEVents is superb.

I submitted a minor bug report at 10pm and received a polite note that the component was fixed and updated in the morning.

The only reason I'm not giving a 5 star review, is that the component is a bit confusing to learn. Its not quite as polished as RSForms, their marquee product.

Part of the reason it is hard to learn is simply that there are too many options... fine grain control over an app, always comes at the expense of simplicity.

Nonetheless, I would strongly recommend this product. The support alone is worth the asking price.
byjessedw, June 24, 2011
I have used acajoom and jnews on many sites, with great success. Recently a client want to send to a 6000 subscriber list and I once again turned to jnews, buying the full pro version with bounceback control. Unfortunately do to server constraints the newsletter failed to send properly. Though it was no fault of their own, the joobi team refunded the full price of the component. Thanks Joobi, I will use the product again.
byjessedw, May 13, 2010
Include Component
I used this plugin to make a contact listing page, derived from the regular com_contacts, which showed all the contacts on a page, grouped by category! It worked perfectly, as expected and took me less than a minute setup. Excellent work, thanks!
byjessedw, November 4, 2008
I downloaded this extension and attempted to install it but ran into a few bugs. So I emailed the developer and he fixed them right away. Now its running on my site, and I plan on using it on all my sites. Versioning is a much needed addition (and free!) to the JED. Small simple, perfect. Thanks.