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byjestermgee, June 16, 2014
I was having all manner of spam issues with the default K2 comment system (even with captcha). I had seen Disqus in action on a number of sites and loved how it looked and worked and I tried to integrate the default Disqus plugin into Joomla but it did not seem to work within K2 at all.

A quick Google found this smple plugin that does everything I needed and simply replaces the K2 comment system with just an install. Had my comment system replaced and working within 5 minutes.

Works and fits with my site perfectly and only had to change up one tiny thing. Excellent work!
byjestermgee, December 6, 2013
Sound Space
This module should be further up the chain as I believe it is a great solution and quite elegant.

Tested on FF, IE, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, iPad and works with ALL platforms well. Easy to install and setup. Hides away at the top/bottom of a page and then you can set an MP3 link anywhere on a page to have it pop up the player and start playing. Being a module it also allows you to have a pre-set playlist ready to go and this can be different for each page.

I had initial issues getting the player to show on my site but their support was quick to log into my site and fix the issue. They also responded to an issue I was having passing images to the player from page links and researched the issue and provided me with a fix. For the $$$ and functionality + the support I don't think you could go wrong if you need a good HTML5 player.
byjestermgee, November 25, 2013
TCVN jPlayer Audio Playlist
The extension may be good if you are HAPPY with the default 2 templates.

This is based off the Free open source code for Jplayer so the dev has just wrapped it as a plugin. He is not real knowledgable on the inner workings of the code. I tested the Jplayer code on my site and it worked even with other Jplayer templates that the Dev doesn't include (circle player). They say "To manipulate almost everything" but if you ask for any kind of assistance to get another skin working or to help solve issues they just want to charge you more $$$$. Couldn't get the solution I wanted and they refused to even refund half the money. Found them unhelpful and unwilling to assist in almost anything. Save your $ for a better option. I went with another free open source solution for HTML5/Flash which was WAY more flexible than this. Look into SoundManager2 as a much better option.
Owner's reply

You are sending a negative review. Our products are developed based jPlayer, but we added a lot of functionality: 1 music folder, from an xml file and from an audio file. We also provide templates for product 2: blue.monday and pink.flag. And it's working fine. OK?

We sell products for $ 20.99, and you have all the above features. That's fair price. However, you can not buy if you do not want. It's your choice.

When you ask us to add a new skin for you, you need to pay for this service. That is fair. Because this is not a problem with our product.

PS: I do not understand why the moderators for posting this comment. This is a negative review, and not related to the quality of our products.