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byjesuscam, June 7, 2008
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JCK Editor
I used JoomlaFCK before and it was a tremendous help when working in contents.

Later it had something that was showing errors and by urgency I had to switch to JCE.

Now I checked that there was some fixes done, and it's great again. JCE is good but it doesn´t have flash uploader free.

Thanks for your work! I like very much this mambot.
Owner's reply

Thanks jesuscam,
The next release which will be version 2.6.3 will offer relative path to both flash & images items! This should allow JCE user who use relative image paths to simply migrate across & still be able to view their images in the editor.
God bless ya!

EZ Autos
Hi guys and girls! I know that you want to do a good choice on what kind of code you want for you starting-site-car. I bought the program and got the link to download and specific instructions on how to use it. On every question I was answer in no-time, like let´s say 10 mins.

This girl, Katy (the owner) has always a way to give you what you need to implement the EzAuto component. Last version (5) is very completed on payments, configuration, options, etc.

Is better to invest on a good piece of code than install cheap or free ones, in this case. If you want to test them, that´s ok and good (they work) but if you want a real car site and be worry about only of bringing new clients this is right choice my friends. This goes also for EZrealty.