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byjetwong98, October 22, 2010
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VirtueMart is very good in the backend setup with extensive hints on each field setting, the developers really put in much efforts in making the configuration more self-explanatory to the users. They should deserve a salute from us.

Unfortunately, the default layout and design of VirtueMart had daunted many potential customers.

Try to to see this


and compare it with


What do you think at first? Everything looks cluttered and primitive without proper organization on the VirtueMart Demo shop. The product listing, image, description, pricing, specifications, reviews and almost all elements are NOT well aligned and structured into a proper display format, but scattering on the page like a dustbin.

Bear in mind, the 1st impression is very important and many customers don't like extensive layout redesign from the default. Once they look at the pathetic VirtueMart Demo shop, their confidences had been fully devastated with a stereotype that VirtueMart can be any better than opencart, tomatocart and prestashop.

What's more, Ikea Shop is just another frustrating example. Most customers will think that Ikea can't even come out a good design with VirtueMart, what can I do with it ?

In fact, OpenCart is still lacking a lot of core features and its popularity and well acceptance lie in its striking and more organized default layout. You don't have to think too much and can simply use the default template with little or no changes at all. The same goes to the TomatoCart and PrestasShop, already presentable after installation.

What about the presentation of VirtueMart by default ? It's just a dustbin or the most ugliest creature which requires extensive cosmetic surgeries before it becomes presentable to the public, honestly.

I'm still figuring out how to make VirtueMart as structured and presentable as the demo shop of opencart, tomatocart and prestashop. Frankly, I'd NOT use VirtueMart if integration with Joomla is not in consideration unless they come out with a more presentable default layout and showcase it on the