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byjeyjey, February 1, 2013
Zh GoogleMap
This morning the staff helped me changing the component, in a minimal graphic portion of the screen. It is now grafically perfect for the maps based websites by Cyberneticart. The fact is that they changed, a little bit the component, under my request!!! Without money! And I think that the stuff is very friendly and professional because permitted me to ask them something. They try to listen your needs, and it is not usual!!! Five stars!
byjeyjey, July 3, 2012
Zh GoogleMap
I tryed a lot of times and I sdtudied a lot of hours how to manage Maps apis all toghether. If you study how to create a Panoramio map and then you choose to insert another layer, with javascripts, probably they do not work toghether. I whoulded to create a complex map with icons and elements, with photos and interesting points. But the limit is that google documentation do not explain how put all apis toghether. So it was a dream in my mind to create a folkloristic map ..... since I found this. I donate because I think that is the most usefull extension I ever met. My map is now full of things to do, full of things to see and full of things to go to see. You can copy in seconds placemarks between maps. Now I am creating a painted map .... impossible without a component that helps you. This map, this work whould be impossible with javascript! Thanks to the programmer! Thanks for joomla that became a chamaleon now!!!!
byjeyjey, May 10, 2012
Good, good job dear. I use it and I made all in seconds, the code is light so the websites mantain the speed and the processors do not slow down. Great!!
byjeyjey, May 10, 2012
Tooltip GC
I used theese plugins and I solved problems. In my business they want know all, they want learn all in seconds, I was frustrated about the speed that surfers of my website, touristic website, want to plan their holidays. It was very difficult to increase their satisfaction. Now this pligin helped me TOTALLY. The light of the css coding the best speed of the website. All things the programmer build have a beautifull style. I probably will use other free plugins, but this is very very usefull. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review :)

byjeyjey, March 4, 2010
It is very easy to integrate it in the every place you want. Because Ajax eliminates conflicts in my websites I choose this as a must in my Joomla everyportal KIT.
byjeyjey, February 4, 2010
I am proud to the choose. The community is very big and you can do all with forum. The graphic is a little raw because the programmers work is around the core that is mathematically perfect! There are a lot of plugin that come manifest when you buy the system. Of course consider that the cost is VERY low! What you get is very more that you pay! The plugins in the package are free and they resolve everything. The integration with JoomFish is really perfect! Consider it. Some languages must be retouched and there is a system to retranslate some sentences. I am sorry for my english but consider that I spent a year to choose and I am proud of this choosing. So I decided to write this review.
byjeyjey, March 6, 2009
Estate Agent  Improved
It is difficult claim support from only one person. I, for use this component in J15x I have waited a year. But I believe that when I have learned to use it will try to answer to questions from the Forum. Help the Community is important, and we must do so, also because "EA" costs only $20! Sorry for my B@bylon English.