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byjfetch8, December 29, 2009
OSE Membership™
Two major thumbs up for this product!
After a rough start, I had installed a earlier component version of the pdf, Helix the developer graciously installed the current version!

Runs flawlessly on all my websites. I am using OSE for a login page for my website where most of my categories are blocked with the exception of Contact Us so that I can now track the members on my websites. Other websites installation were harmless.

The support for this product is awesome. Helix went way out of his way to help me. Great product, great service and great people. I hope you all like this product as much as I like it. I rarely do reviews, but I have looked for 2 years for a front end login component that could easily be implemented into Joomla. It was definitely worth the money.

Please educate yourself on the plugin User - Open Source Excellence and the module OSE Main Menu. If you have used Joomla then you can integrate this into your website.