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byjfreak53, June 23, 2010
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Do not download till the public release 1.0.5! Developer won't tell you but unless you have Scriptegrator 1.4 this will not work. And good luck finding that version! On his site he has release 1.5 and does not allow download of older version, even though a lot of his things require older version!

You release the latest version of your plugin but if someone downloads this and another module like the favs it won't work, this is because Favs for instance does not support this version. For favs you need the older version of Scriptegrator. Which is horrible since you no longer allow people to download this older version on your site. So in short until you feel like letting everyone download the older version or you update Favs, it won't work. This is horrible business.
Owner's reply

If you need the older version of Scriptegrator plugin (1.4.3), there is nothing too heavy to write to us an e-mail.