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byjfrewin5, July 22, 2014
JA Image HotSpot
Considering how complex it can be to create image maps, this extension is absolutely fantastic - no bones about it.
byjfrewin5, April 3, 2014
Watchful Client
Great tool - I have around 30 sites to monitor and I think Watchful will cut my monthly time down from days to hours. It has a function to combine it with Akeeba Backup Pro - I'd highly recommend installing both.
Owner's reply

We're very happy that you've found our service helpful. Have you noticed the new feature we released? Full uptime monitoring:

You can see this now in your site details.

byjfrewin5, February 28, 2014
EU Cookie Directive Lite
Perfect, simple, fast. With the whole issue about having to display this EU directed regulation, the last thing I or my clients want is anything other than a simple solution. This fits the bill perfectly.
byjfrewin5, February 27, 2014
Absolute Floating Menu
Great module, a little more complex than a plugin I've used from Jtricks, but pretty simple to configure, once I figured it out. And has been said before - no conflicts!
byjfrewin5, February 24, 2014
Brilliant - did exactly what I wanted and so simply too. This plugin turns existing or new anchor points into smooth scrolling. Excellent value.
byjfrewin5, August 19, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Couldn't work without it. Saved my bacon more times than I'd like to count. The one absolutely must have tool for professional web builders.
byjfrewin5, August 19, 2013
Worth the money. Does exactly what it said it would. I had one question and it was answered in about 10 minutes. Thank you.
byjfrewin5, August 19, 2013
JLex Block
Worth the small sum. I spent all day looking for what should have been a 5 minute job. I just wanted to password protect a page of downloads for which my client had an already established password, and didn't want all their customers to have to re-register through the Joomla Registration process. Thank you for providing this simple solution - and I think it's the only one available!
byjfrewin5, May 19, 2012
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SIS Diamond Slider Theme1
This module doesn't work in IE9, admittedly the developer doesn't state that it does. In fact they don't say it works in any particular browser.

It's a paid for module, I've sent 3 emails through their contact page and have heard NOTHING from them.

Very, very poor (non-existent) service for a paid for module.

It's a shame because the module looks good, though if you want an alternative to the look, you have to pay for another module from them. Bit of a rip-off all together really.
byjfrewin5, March 26, 2012
I installed the free download and the professional version on my first Joomla 2.5 site and it works great. I found the small amount of coding a little difficult to understand (could do with a user guide) especially as I was also in the middle of a jUpgrade for the site. The support has been excellent and Yana installed the Pro version for me and has been really helpful. It's fantastic to think that with the Pro version it's possible to get Google to index the site in all the languages.
byjfrewin5, March 21, 2012
I guess I'm one of the first to use this and I'm very impressed. Great extension for a really reasonable price, absolutely worth it. Saved me a lot of time looking for different add ons to do all that this one does.
Only reason not to give it 5 stars is I'm finding that the joomdalf button on the WYSIWYG editors plays up sometimes and doesn't input the code, though it's easily worked around and I haven't gone back to the developer with it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment.
I wish you have contacted us for this issue so we would fix it. May you shoot us an email describing the issue so we can fix it?

byjfrewin5, February 12, 2012
Simple Spotlight
Great module. Works across browsers and across platforms including iPhones.

Fantastic support, even though it's a free module.

byjfrewin5, September 15, 2011
Having researched numerous options to start adding Social Media Links to our websites I can say that this is a truly excellent module (and the Plugin's great too) having used both.

The speed and ease this module gives for multiple posts to the different social media sites is awesome. Dead easy to install as well. And it works on iPads/iPhones.

Only one suggestion, a bit more choice when it comes to positioning (allowing the buttons to appear centered for instance) would be good.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review jfrewin5. Actually it is possible to position the AddThis buttons or toolbox however you want, just by using the "Module class suffix" option which applies a user-defined CSS class to the module.