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byjfriesen, February 21, 2012
DT Register
I needed an extension to manage event registration for a national music advocacy site. They have ongoing live and online seminars throughout the year that sometimes need to allow group registration.

I was very happy to discover that DTRegister handled all my requirements out of the box. It is VERY full-featured, I don't think there are any other extensions out there that have as many features.

Because there are so many features, it may take a little more work to understand how it all works at the beginning but in their most recent version they have cleaned up the interface, so even that is easier.

Also, I have not attended one yet, but I see on twitter that they regularly host workshops for training on the extension and also in the extension interface have links to video tutorials. So even though it is a fairly complex system they have made lots of training options available.

I was impressed when I ran into some limitation with the formatting of the dates that when I submitted that as a request they first gave me a workaround option and then included my requested feature in the next version. They release new versions on a fairly regular basis so it is obvious that this extensions is under active development and constant improvement.

Since the extension uses MVC structure it does allow you to heavily modify the output which adds a lot of flexibility to an already very flexible extension.

So if you need a full-featured events extension that has a lot of configuration options, I think this is the best one on the market.
byjfriesen, June 3, 2010
I am an experienced Joomla developer and until recently had been writing custom extensions for a lot of custom client requests.

I had tried Fabrik over 3 years ago and it didn't really meet my needs then. So I kind of put it to the side.

Then I met Rob C. at a Joomla devs conference in NYC and got to know him. Great guy! (He even bought me supper one night, but that's not why I am writing the review, just wanted to point out the kind of guy he is).

EVEN STILL I didn't use the latest version until last week when I decided to see if it would solve the need I had for a small custom app. I started playing with Fabrik and was VERY IMPRESSED to see how it had evolved. He really has thought of almost everything and what he didn't think of can be added as a plugin, or with a mod to the templates.

Fabrik adheres to the latest and greatest Joomla file conventions and layouts (proper use of MVC) which makes it so easy skin and extend.

I think a newbie will need to read the documentation and maybe get a support contract, just because there are so many things you can do, but experienced devs will quickly see the power to create what often takes hours of code to accomplish, be it an actual 'app' or just a simple to complex form.

Kudos Rob and Hugh on a great product. I think I will be using Fabrik for many more future client requests.
byjfriesen, June 5, 2008
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I used Facile Forms, RSForms, and Phil-a-form before trying out Chronoforms. Phila-a-form really is a lot easier to use (as is RSForms), but they are both commercial products. If you are fairly new to HTML Forms then you really may want to try one of those first (especially the new Joomla Forms component coming soon from Phil Taylor).

However, if you know how to create and use HTML Forms and just want a faster way of handling the data on submission, then this is a GREAT component. Unlink Phil-a-Form and RS Form, you can't create the form within the component (I used Dreamweaver), so that's a downside for a noobie, but for me it allowed my to use DW to quickly format the form the way I wanted it, and then I just plugged it into Chronoform and let it handle all the tedious stuff like creating the email and form validation and so on.

I would highly recommend this form handler IF you know your way around an HTML form. If not, give RS Forms a look, and if you need some major power and flexibility, look for Joomla Forms from Phil Taylor (probably the best out there but not the cheapest, 1.5 version will be out soon) or Facile Forms (steep learning curve).
byjfriesen, March 4, 2008
This component offers HTML and XML sitemap capabilities for J1.5 and does a very good job of it.

It takes a little bit of playing around to figure out how it works, but it delivers good results.

I don't know if the 1.0.4 version offered better instructions/documentation, but I couldn't find ANYWHERE how to display the XML version of the file, though my wife tells me I can never find anything, so take that with a grain of salt. In any case I ended up guessing how to display it by adding the "&view=xml" arg to the end of the regular "index.php?option=com_xmap" address. VOILA! XML display.

Although this is a beta I did not notice any bugs in the basic work that I was doing with it. Great job!
byjfriesen, October 6, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I said to myself, "I need a tab component that works inside Joomla content items". So I did a quick search and 5 minutes later had this component downloaded, installed, and working perfectly. Couldn't be simpler!

I work primarily in Firefox and have not noticed any issues as a previous reviewer did. So there may be a bug or two but I'm guessing most people won't have any problem at all.

I love it when I have a functionality need and somebody already has posted an extension that does just what I need. This one definitely fits the bill. (5 stars!)