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byjgandia, June 29, 2011
Easy and fast!!
But has no message of confirmation that e-mail is sent all right or error message with chapca is shown.
byjgandia, May 30, 2011
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Its a good extension, but not work properly with Internet Ecplorer: instead of buttons appears lines.
Owner's reply

Joomla is a heterogeneous environment: there are a large number of extensions published by different developers. While sigplus does its best to be generally compatible with a wide range of them, there is always a slight risk that any two out of the thousands of published extensions just do not work well together. I think this might explain why the extension does not work in IE for you while the demo site displays perfectly. (A word of notice: sigplus is not compatible with ancient versions of browsers that had been obsoleted even before sigplus was published in the JED.) If you run into a similar support issue or encounter a bug, please contact the developer directly about it. The review system is one-way: it allows only a single reply to each review and does not allow contacting you for specifics. As such, it is far from a practical way of asking for help.