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byjgentile, November 19, 2010
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EasyCalcCheck PLUS
I wanted to use a captcha but avoid some of the images that throw people off. This is a nice alternative. Like a few other users I needed help getting it to work with a Rockettheme template. Viktor sent a file to me by email in less than a day. What more can you ask for.
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Thank you!

byjgentile, January 27, 2010
DT Register
We needed a prodct that would allow us to register students for courses. We have used DTRegister to list over 200 courses at once. Customers from around the world use DTRegister to sign up for our classes. What is very nice is that you can collect all the info in a nice back end database and export it to csv format for use elsewhere.

While this component does work in conjunction with JEvents, it really doesn't take alot of extra work. Basically you set the names and dates in JEvents and you can move over to DTRegister.

We just migrated our installation to a new site, and ran into a problem. I sent an email before I left work. By this evening their support had fixed the problem. You can't ask for more.

Get this component. Use it. It is alive and well.
byjgentile, January 15, 2010
AJAX Shoutbox
The install was VERY easy. I tried it because the module had a nice rating.

IMMEDIATELY (I'm talking the very second I enabled it) after I hit enabled and save in the back end, the shoutbox was filled with words like "nude" etc... I was pretty angry. There wasn't anyone on my site, so I don't know whats up with this module.