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byjgribble, October 23, 2014
JV-LinkDirectory (JVSE)
Credit this company for coming up with a brilliant idea. Build your own link directory website; or, like us, use it invite others to create quality partner links. The SEO potential is awesome, if used correctly. My only issue was the extreme difficulty of customizing the front-end view. But this developer is wonderfully responsive and dedicated; and he gave generously of his time to help us get the look and feel we needed. He also assures me that the next version will be far easier to customize. Some of the best service I have ever received from a Joomla extensions developer. Thank you, JV-Extensions!
byjgribble, February 20, 2014
AJAX Register
A great way to go for a free membership website. Let's you collect custom member information without the need for a big complicated subscription system and checkout cart. Found it a little tricky to get working because the documentation is on the weak side. On the other hand, Emir provides almost instant support. He answered me in five minutes. I can't say enough about his dedication to customers. And his patience with me! He promised to work up some more detailed documention soon. On balance this is a great little component that does exactly what it says and has great support behind it. All at the right price.
byjgribble, February 3, 2014
Ultimate Feed Display
This litle module is amazingly powerful and flexible. We used it build a big beautiful aggregator page for worldwide hunting news. On a weekend, Stergios helped us fix a baffling scripting conflict on the front page. I only wish that level of outstanding support was more common in the Joomla world. In terms of what it can do and the support behind it, absolutely an all-time Best Buy. Plus, there's now an upgraded version that works even better than the original.
byjgribble, January 16, 2014
Ingenious but quirky. Big learning curve. Hard to customize. Documentation sketchy and support worse. They might reply to your question quickly. Or not at all. I've had a request pending for almost three weeks. Nothing from the company in all that time. When they do respond, it might be helpful. Or cursory. The "online chat?" Always offline. Never once got a reply. Have received more help from fellow boarders. Will the owners even bother to read this review? Who can say. Still I'm using it because it has some great capabilities. I fervently hope these are just growing pains for Joomgalaxy; and that things will improve over time.
byjgribble, December 10, 2013
Membership Pro
Clean, simple and compact. Not as powerful as OSE Membership, but that was exactly what I needed for this smaller-scale project. Setup of the registration page is very thoughtful. You can easily manipulate custom fields to collect only the exact information you want. A lot of information or just a little. Inherits template style, so no fussing with themes. Also a nice touch: the en-gb system messages can be accessed right in the control panel without going into the file on the server. Tuan is very earnest and helpful. Had to solve one issue myself, but he pointed me in the right direction. The low price and ease of use make this extension especially attractive.
byjgribble, December 10, 2013
As an early adopter, I can say I'm very, very impressed. Am building a complete social media suite with EasyBlog, EasySocial, EasyDiscuss and Komento. The themes for each don't quite line up... yet. I'm sure StackIdeas is working on that part. They are a smart, enterprising bunch. Great new addition. Bar none, the best support in the business.
byjgribble, April 2, 2013
I use the commercial Business edition. It lets you build your own Somewhat complicated because it's very powerful and flexible. I never object to commercial extensions that save us time and agony. Documentation could be better but support is superlative. For building full-blown e-commerce sites, our first choice.
byjgribble, March 28, 2013
KC Admin QuickIcons
Allows you to create an intuitively labeled mini panel for major components. Users don't even need to know the component name. They just click on "Manage Bookstore." Or, "Manage Forms." Whatever you want to label the icon. Pretty easy to upload custom icons. So there's a lot less explaining to do when you hand off the site. A bit tricky to get working, but part of that was on me. Made a beginner's mistake. All in all, impressive.
byjgribble, March 26, 2013
BT Smart Search
Five stars for functionality but only two for styling options in the module. With some work on that, this would be an amazing addition. You have almost infinite control over which content you want the module to search. Say, like me, you want it to only search a huge reference database. Not the whole site. Perfect. Now, though, I wish that same control was possible in the module itself instead of the core component. So that different modules could be configured to search different parts of the site. Then you'd really have a breakthrough. Am also using the Bowthemes login module. Pretty much the same comments to the effect that it works perfectly and installs without any fuss. But I would like to see more styling options in the control panel instead of having to play around with the CSS. I hope this review inspires the company to take these two very good products even further.
byjgribble, March 13, 2013
ARI Easy Slider
No ARI product has ever failed me. This one is mandatory on all our sites. Easy to configure, works flawlessly. Many different move effects, including slideshow mode. Because it pulls actual content, add hyperlinks to your heart's content. We've used it in some creative ways that no other component could handle. Just fantastic support, too.
byjgribble, March 13, 2013
Form Maker
This is my new must-have, especially for membership sites. Substantially automates both form creation and data management. Use it for any interactive need you can imagine. We hooked it up to Hikashop to build a sophisticated event registration system. Can be buggy on initial install, but support is off-the-charts responsive. Much prefer this to Chronoforms because it's much easier for our client/end users to manage. Also easily styled to complement your overall site design. Already good, will get even better.
byjgribble, April 3, 2012
The only way to go if you're already into 2.5. Well worth the pro price. Everything works out of the box. Support is swift and the level of documentation far above average. Social integrations include all the mandatories. Except Google+, but am told that's because Google hasn't enabled it yet. Kudos to these guys. Using EasyBlog on my company site and now will be offering it as a value-added service to customers.
byjgribble, January 27, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
A fast, easy way to really spice up your contact page. Add all kinds of custom form fields and use the sidebar to provide related information to users. Love the Google Maps integration. It's such a pleasure to encounter great documentation and fast service. Had one puzzling CSS issue. Douglas got back me inside of an hour. He quickly spotted what line of code needed fixing. Took me but a few seconds. Presto! The component saved me many hours of fiddling for a small, reasonable price.
byjgribble, November 9, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
I got better service for this free extension than I've gotten for many commercial extensions. Needed a bit of custom CSS, but ARI provided it very quickly. It was easy to add right in the back-end controls of the module. Includes highly flexible style controls for background color, text color, hover color, hover text color etc. Sub-menus can be styled independently if you want. Simple to configure horizontally or vertically. A little bit "plain jane" in appearance, but if you wanted to you could readily soup it up graphically. I can see many uses.
byjgribble, October 6, 2011
OSE Membership™
First of all, six stars for customer support. Both prompt and insightful. At a very attractive price point, this is a brilliantly conceived tool for online management of an association or club, including seamlessly integrated e-commerce capabilities. Too much customization has to be done in the PHP files, but the developers are working hard to improve that. Plays nice with lots of other major components. Has the most comprehensive user-friendly payment gateway I have ever seen. If your client is taking in lots of paid registrations or subscriptions, you really must also buy the companion component OSE Reporter. Makes life so nice for the accounting people who have to reconcile e-commerce orders against actual credit card payments. Setting up individual member lists and payment plans is simple and intuitive. The next-gen component is coming in December, and I can't wait to upgrade. OSE has enthusiastically embraced our suggestions for how to simplify things for the end user. They "get it" that the end user is king. The minor issues we had to overcome were well worth it and then some.