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byjgstyle, January 29, 2014
Magic Price Table
I'm giving this plugin an "Excellent" rating because it does exactly what it claims to, and it looks pretty good doing it.

I'm only writing this review to let people know it doesn't work on Apple products because it is Flash based. I think this should be mentioned in the description above.

To be fair, this is clearly stated in the FAQ section on their site, which I should have read more thoroughly before buying. Still, in case there's anyone like me who jumped the gun and bought before doing their due-diligence I thought I'd mention it.

I can't complain because it was a low price and *maybe* I can use it on another client site who doesn't care about iPhones.

To sum up, great price table option, just uses Flash and doesn't work on Apple products.
byjgstyle, January 6, 2009
I normally don't bother to rate these things, but I had to say something about this one. I downloaded SWmenuFree and I had the menu up and running within 15 minutes. DONE.

I monkeyed around with a bunch of other menu extensions, none of which were simple, and still required too much mickey-mousing around with code to fix for IE6, etc. I wasted 3 days with those things.

This extension was fully customizable from it's component backend. It worked with every browser I tested it on immediately. Awesome! And it's FREE!

Luckily, my client only needed a couple of drop downs for this site, but if I ever need a lot, I know I can always pony up for the Pro version. To me, it's worth money to save time...which IS money...

Anyway, thanks, Sean!