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byjhebbel, July 30, 2014
PayPal Donations Lite
There are many backend and front end bugs, most of the modules don't even show up.
byjhebbel, October 27, 2012
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TZ Portfolio
First off let me say that I would absolutely love to give this ext 5 stars because if you can get it to work as nice is it does on their demo page then it really is quite amazing, but the reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that not many people CAN get it working as nice as their demo page.
The code is clunky and looks like pieced together parts of several other projects held together with spit and glue (This is coming from a PHP developer).

Sadly as mentioned in another review, these developers push the envelope so fast and continue to add new features that they don't take the time to polish what features are already there and fix the mass incompatibilities and errors therein.

All I can say is this product is FANTASTIC on paper but when applied to a website a large majority of is users will find broken features due to poorly planned code and incompatibilities.