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byjiliko, March 12, 2013
What? Nothing!
No, I haven't set 5 stars to his extension !

Let me explain why...It's supposed to do nothing...but it's relative.

When someone asks you 'What are you doing?', you sometimes reply 'Nothing' but you really do something. You reply this because you feel guilty or you think what you do is useless or has no impact...

So 'nothing' is really relative to a context, a person.

In this case, the owner of this extension has chosen to implement his nothing, what he thinks nothing is...

He chose a nothing in our place, so we have nothing to do.

I'm ready to subscribe to the pro version but only if we can choose which nothing this extension will do : either by some parameters or by an override.

Wouldn't it be good if we could implement our own empty php code or select 'Nothing 1', 'Nothing 2', 'A huge nothing' ?

Please, respect the users of this extension! Let us be free of our choice, of our nothing!

A user who had almost nothing to do for 10 mins...
Owner's reply

Have you even looked at the settings?
There are all sorts of settings to define how (and how many times) you want it to do nothing.
And even more in the Pro version.

I hope you'll reconsider your rating...

byjiliko, September 21, 2011
Does what it says...

Installed, configured in less than one minute and works great.

Thanks !
byjiliko, January 8, 2010
K2 is the component I install first on my client websites.

Easy to install, to configure, to use, to extend, to traduce, to modify, ...

No more to say, just try !