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byjim, August 9, 2006
Shouldn't have followed the herd on this one. It works for basic menuing, but then there are much leaner extensions to handle the simple stuff (this extension has a LOT of files).

If you try to use any of its advanced features it quickly breaks down. For example, it does not reliably split the parent menu and child menus apart. Instead it loses child menu items. It seems like the longer the URL of the child menu, the more chance there is that it will be lost.

I spent two days trying to debug this piece of code-bloat, but there are simply too many files and too few comments to do that.
byjim, March 18, 2006
AJAX Shoutbox
I loved the demo, it looks realy great. However, the mod crashes my site. I looked in file 'mod_shoutbox.php' and saw that the 'mod' is trying to open files in a nonexistent directory under /components.

Is there another part of the install missing? Or was this mod ported from a component?

Let me know when this is fixed up, I would like to use it.