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byjim1812, November 23, 2013
Been using yoorecipe for quite a long while now and rated at a generous 4 stars due to the hope that it will get that little extra evolution development that it needs to bring it up to the feature level that modern users demand. For example it lacks the ability to create a shopping list from ingredients and also lacks any kind of a meal planner linked to the recipes. The addition of these two features I feel is essential to match other commercial offerings on recipe websites and their addition long overdue. Recipe tagging is also currently not Joomla 3 integrated.

The developer seems very committed and good hearted, and major bugs and issues, in my experience, have always been dealt with quickly and professionally but support for issues that aren't major bugs can sometimes be sporadic and lack even an acknowledgement for long periods of time and sometimes never. A quick acknowledgement of an issue or a support post is something that can easily be improved on (minor quip but one easily rectified).

Hope that this extension gets the extra functionality it needs soon and hope to continue to be able to use yoorecipe long into the future.