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I am a web developer who works with non-profit organizations in the USA. Joomla is a great solution because I can keep the cost of building a website down for worthy organizations that don't have a lot of extra $$. But for every non-profit, staying in constant communication with their constituency as of absolute importance. After trying several solutions I have found none that approaches the quality and functionality of JNews (and it's predecessor Acajoom) This is very robust software -- the features you receive for the price of the this application make it very well worth the investment. Once oriented (a couple of training sessions) my non-profit clients quickly become oriented using the software. And, for me, as a web site builder and maintenance provider the best feature is the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TECHNICAL SUPPORT -- ESPECIALY THE LIVE ONLINE SUPPORT. I have used it often and have never brought a problem they couldn't solve. I recommend this software without any equivocation whatsoever.

*For the record, I am merely a happy customer and have no other interest in ijoobi, financial or otherwise.
byjimcapraro, September 3, 2010
ARI Sexy Lightbox
This lightbox utility is really very nice. It is easy to use adds "polish" to a website. I'm a website developer, and needed a way create sites I've developed in a thumbnail gallery where clicking-on/displaying a site wouldn't take the view out of my web page. This extension is a great solution because the website displays in a lightbox and the view never leaves the site.

These folks do great work AND have great support. When I found that some of my website where "breaking" out of the light box, I posted the problem in their support forum. ARI responded with good information in just a few hours that helped me solve the problem quickly.

You won't be disappointed with this extension.