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byjimie, April 4, 2014
I dont even know how to start, this component made me say "Unbelievable !". Why ? Because everything I wanted to have I could do with this, I dont think I had an idea which I couldn`t make it come true.

I`ve tried many other CCKs but this one is one of the best in the market I think

At the beginning you may be a bit scared but, here what, take some time and go over it and I`m sure you will understand how it works.

Go get it guys! this will make your job easy and you`ll get what you want with it!

Oh not to mention about the support, really fast and always there. You have a suggestion, no problem they are always opened to suggestions!
byjimie, December 24, 2012
Community Polls
I`m using this component for long time, and I can say is the perfect polls component, the look is very nice and as about the support is simply all what you`re expecting, good job guys and keep going!
byjimie, September 5, 2012
ExtendedDB Movies
And extension that Joomla! was missing for long time, couldn`t find any specific to build a movie db website, with this new extensions all movie lovers could now build their own movies website without having to learn too much things like using a CCK component or so, simply install and start building your movies website.

Recommend it!