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byjimscot, January 18, 2013
BT Login
Had this working in minutes.Brilliant So cool! Just been having a look at some of your Joomla templates. Your work is supberb. well done!
byjimscot, October 1, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
I installed EU e-Privacy Directive today after realising that the exsting solution I had might not be good enough.

This extension covers it all. I used the the top ribbon oprion and displayed the module in my side menu section. I was able to remove /and or edit the displayed text to suit my site. I can't believe how good this is!! I included an opacity section in the ribbon CSS files which lets me see the web site header behind the cookie banner. After accepting cookies the module content updates and if I then choose to click remove cookies the module then displays a enable cookies button. Then when clicking "enable cookies" button up pops the ribbon bar again. It is just fantastic and thank you so much for this.
byjimscot, September 30, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
I used Contact Enhanced to create a bespoke form for a client. After a lot of searching I realised this was the only extension that would do the job. Very impressed. Thank you.
P.S. The guy who gave the extension 1 star should perhaps be more courteous and contact support for the extension rather than posting in the forms... I suppose some people are never happy
byjimscot, September 27, 2012
After unsuccessfully searching through other extensions for a review module I found RSMonials. It installs very easily and is doing everything I need. I love the scroller module for my front page and what is really fantastic is the ability to duplicate the other module and then assign unique testimonial ID's to the duplicate module give me complete control over what reviews appear on different pages. The support was fantastic responding in under 2 mins to a question I had! Top marks RSMonials!!!
byjimscot, September 4, 2012
Rentalot Plus
I bought Rentalot Plus based upon the reviews I had read here. I had looked at other extensions but decided to go for Rentalot Plus. For me it has been an excellent choice.

I had a couple of minor problems that turned out to be issues with my own website and not Rentalot Plus.

I contacted Les Arbes who came back to me within a very short time. They pinpointed the problem with my website. I had read the comments about their support and my experience was the same...the support is excellent!!

The user guide for Rentalot Plus is comprehensive. The extension is very flexible and you can customise it to suit your requirements. It is fast and looks very professional. I have asked for comments from prospective clients and friends and their response was the same... It was easy to use on the front end.

If you are debating which booking module to use for your site I can thoroughly recommend Rentalot Plus... it is worth far more than the 50 Euros I paid for it.

Thank you Les Arbes Design!!
byjimscot, August 31, 2012
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Tag Meta
Just found this extension and already I can see that within 5 mins I am going to save so much time with my meta tags and SEO. Already I have managed in a few seconds to change the meta author tag which was a real pain before. It is going to make my life so much easier ... THANK YOU!!